Summer 2012 10 Unique Top Sports Keywords Fans View

By Yahoo! Sports Online | September 27, 2012

Whether you are an athlete, SEO marketer, or are simply interested from a fan's perspective; cumulative data compiled from search engines on sports trends is a fascinating way to get a glimpse into what most people are looking for online. Each time that you search for sports, is keeping track. By using Google Insights for Search for the top 10 keywords related to sports in 20 subcategories, a sporty picture of what Americans wanted out of the summer of 2012 is revealed.

1. More Twenty20 cricket buzz

Did you catch the Twenty20 cricket bug over the summer of 2012? Within the United States, Google says that Americans searched arts and entertainment sections for TEN Sports frequently over the months of July, August and September. From evidence found from doing a search online, it appears that if you want to be in touch with the heartbeat of cricket in India; TEN Sports is your winning ticket.

2. A new source for sports health information?

Google Insights has listed as a breakout in several categories including the keyword of sports within the topic of health. For the summer of 2012, Google implies that many Americans are getting their sports health news from

3. Finding the right sports words

When it came to sports-related web searches for books, references, literature, people and society; Google reveals that most people want a good motivational quote. Top searches included inspirational sports quote and the unique topic of sports bible quotes. According to, the top rated motivational bible quote about sports is, "An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules."

4. The top sports game is from a newspaper?

Among the other types of games that we all know are popular such as the Madden series, the top sports search in the games category was RT Sports. However, they are not a company owned solely by techies. Also known as Real Time Sports, it states at the bottom of their homepage that they are, "A partner of USA TODAY Sports Digital Properties."

5. Trending Summer Olympics-related sports item

Are you interested in what types of sports keywords people are looking for within the parameters of the business and industrial sphere? Over the summer of 2012, top keywords of interest in the athletics-related business file heavily highlighted sports tape. The trend of using the colorful kinesthetic sports tape as a fashion accessory is being discussed by some bloggers, like, in connection to the 2012 Summer Olympics. Examples of artistic sports tape use can be found on the Flickr Kinesio archives.

6. Who says an actuary has no place in sports?

It makes sense that pro teams, high schools and gyms have insurance that covers their athletes. Regardless, is sports insurance so popular that amateur athletes feel the urge to buy coverage? Google informs us that the top finance category for sports focused on being insured. A brief search online for recent news about sports insurance shows that you can now get extreme sports insurance from Sinclair Insurance, XSI Sports Insurance and Dogtag.

Nonetheless, claims that you do not need to break a sweat to get sports insurance. Instead, it claims that the Fantasy Sports phenomenon has created jobs in this industry. Forbes states, "Businesses that have been created include fantasy sports insurance salesmen and attorneys who will disputes between players for a fee."

7. The most common sports tech need

Within the categories of computers, electronics and online communities; Google says the generic web searcher was looking for sports headphones and the re-emerging trend of P2P sports (peer to peer). Although they can be illegal in some cases, most of these websites allow users to exchange old sports videos (that are not bound by copyright law) with other P2P clients. Reports by say that the SEC shut many sports P2P and torrent websites down because they were not registered. Now, legal P2P is surging and has investors interested.

8. More DIY makeover shows should cover this

During the summer, the children are out of school and Google shows that they may have been running their parents into a fantasy world of escape where only sports exist. Within the top 10 sports-related home and garden searches, searchers reveal that they would like nothing more than an entire sports room. If they cannot have an room devoted to their favorite past time, bedding and sports chairs are a good substitute.

9. The graduate degree side of sports

We all know about the VIP section at every stadium; but are there exclusive sports jobs for people with graduate degrees? Of course, most people are familiar with your sports medicine professional. Alternatively, are there any other careers (besides NFL replacement refs) that web searchers over the summer were enamored with? According to the trends from the past 90 days, more people are looking up sporty words in conjunction with law.

Other professional top keywords highlight the somewhat out of place term "Orlando Sports" in the real estate category. For the creative professional, consider following the lead from top search result Pec Sports. They specialize in professional team sports photography for yearbooks throughout the country.

10. Traveling to see the game in high style

Within the top 10 searches that were conducted during the summer of 2012 around the keyword of sports within Google's sports category were the topics of travel and luxury car rental. An online search for sports travel reveals several websites that want to help you and your friends get to every away game in a bus or van. On the other extreme, there were luxury sports travel companies like Sports Travel VIP and the touted that offered A-list travel, lodging and access to presentations like the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

Finally, the interesting topic that appeals to many Americans is the idea that they can rent a sports car for just a day. Whether it is McLaren MP4-12C, Rolls Royce Drophead or Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet; businesses such as Gotham Dream Cars have you covered. Even the airport-friendly Hertz rental car company has a luxury sports car rental with the Porsche Panamera.