What's the best time to buy Kentucky Derby tickets?

Posted by Evan Chronis on Fri, Jun 21, 2019

You have over 365 days every year to decide if you want to attend the Kentucky Derby®.

So, when you make the decision, what is the right time to actually hit "purchase" on your tickets? 

2020 Kentucky Derby

While Kentucky Derby tickets aren't as exclusive and difficult to obtain as some of the other biggest annual sporting events, it's good to have a strategy if you want to create the best, and most cost efficient, trip to Churchill Downs® on the first weekend of May.  

So, here's our advice on when to purchase Kentucky Derby tickets:

Buy Kentucky Derby Tickets Early

If you can afford it, try to buy your tickets to the 2020 Kentucky Derby as early as possible. 

Here, we will break down why this is the case and the best ways that you can secure your access to the 2020 Kentucky Derby at an early date.

Most Seating and Package Options Available

The Kentucky Derby takes place once a year, so if you're planning to attend the Derby in 2020 you want to make sure that you pick the seating option at Churchill Downs that best fits you.

If you're unfamiliar with the seating options at Churchill Downs, check out our What to Know Before Buying Kentucky Derby Tickets guide. 

Whether you want to be in the 100-level seats along the Grandstand and Clubhouse or want to find yourself with a privileged vantage point in the high-level hospitality spaces, your best bet is to buy early. 

Churchill Downs can accommodate anywhere from 150,000 to 170,000 spectators on Derby day, but just getting a ticket isn't the goal here — it's about getting the right ticket and seat. 

Check out the Derby Experiences Official Ticket Packages page to get a better look at the seating options and what is still available for the 2020 Kentucky Derby. 

Timed Exclusivity with Derby Experiences

One thing to note about purchasing Kentucky Derby tickets is that public on-sale for the 2020 Derby doesn't occur until November 2019. 

But that doesn't mean that you must wait until then to secure your spot at Churchill Downs next year. 

In fact, it means that you're at an advantage if you're reading this before November! While the public on-sale hasn't occurred yet, tickets for the 2020 Kentucky Derby are already on sale through Derby Experiences. 

As the Official Ticket Package Provider of the 2020 Kentucky Derby, Derby Experiences is the only place that you can currently secure official tickets to the Derby. 

Any other ticket options you see before the November on-sale date are NOT official and don't come directly from Churchill Downs. Make sure to keep that in mind when making your final purchasing decision. 

Stable Pricing Options

Similar to most sporting or lifestyle events, ticket prices will be at their most reasonable the further out from the event that you are. 

As the event gets closer and the public on-sale commences, a large amount of tickets will flood into the secondary and reseller markets. While this means there may be more tickets available to you, it also means that most tickets will be sold at market value instead of face value. 

So, if you're looking for the fairest price while in the buying process, try to make your decision before the on-sale date. 

No Hotel Booking Hassle

Derby week brings a massive influx of visitors into Louisville for a couple of days. In fact, over 100,000 visitors come to the city every single year for the "Run for the Roses".

That means a lot of hotel bookings. 

By buying your tickets early, and we mean really early, you can escape the hassle, anxiety and sheer panic of trying to find a hotel room to accommodate you upon your trip to Louisville. 

And if you truly want to avoid the struggle of finding lodging for the 2020 Kentucky Derby, Derby Experiences gives guests the option to add hotel accommodations at local Louisville hotels to any Official Ticket Package order.  

By partnering with local hotels, Derby Experiences already has a plethora of rooms available at a face value add-on price. 

People at Kentucky Derby

Attend the 2020 Kentucky Derby with Derby Experiences

Whether it's the timed exclusivity, the stable pricing, the plethora of Official Ticket Package options or something else, there's a multitude of reasons to attend the 146th Kentucky Derby with Derby Experiences. Get your Derby tickets early by clicking below and choosing your package.

2020 Kentucky Derby Official Ticket Packages