Fillies & Lilies Party: The Kick-Off to the 2020 Kentucky Derby

Posted by Evan Chronis on Fri, Jan 4, 2019

Kentucky Derby® weekend is one worth celebrating. In fact, it's worth celebrating multiple times. But there's one event that seems to make the headlines every year at the Derby — the Fillies & Lilies Party

Taking place the night before the running of the 2020 Kentucky Derby, the Fillies & Lilies Party brings out the best and brightest to the Kentucky Derby Museum for the ultimate kick-off to the biggest racing day of the year. 

But why should you attend the Fillies & Lilies party this year? Well, we've done the work for you. Here are the reasons that you should join us at Fillies & Lilies this year!

Perfect Friday Night Activity

The funny thing about Kentucky Derby weekend is that it consumes Louisville like no other weekend during the year. For a three-day span, the city speaks, lives and breathes Derby. But with that being said, there aren't many viable options of things to do on Friday following the running of the Kentucky Oaks.

Sure, you can explore the city a little bit if you fancy that, but that doesn't necessarily prepare you for the epic day that is about to take place on Friday.

That's where the Fillies & Lilies Party becomes most appealing. Instead of going back to your hotel or wandering the streets of Louisville at night time, you have the option of staying at Churchill Downs® even longer to enjoy your Friday night after the conclusion of the Oaks. 

The Fillies & Lilies Party starts at approximately 7:30 PM on Friday night, meaning you don't have to leave Churchill Downs after all of the racing festivities. Spend your night at the party, and gear up for the 'Run for the Roses' on Saturday.

Fillies & Lilies

Transportation Back from Event

Also, don't worry about missing your bus back to your hotel after the Kentucky Oaks. If you have booked hotel accommodations with Derby Experiences, you will have transportation back to your hotel following the conclusion of the Fillies & Lilies party. 

Meet a Famous Jockey

We can confidently say that some of the most famous jockeys to ever mount up at Churchill Downs find themselves at the Fillies & Lilies Party on Derby eve. Just last year we had legendary jockeys Pat Day and Julie Crone in attendance enjoying the party with friends and family. 

They even took the time to meet other guests, take pictures and chat throughout the night. While we don't have any jockeys officially confirmed to appear, don't be surprised to see some of the best to ever do it across the table on Friday night. 

See the Newly-Renovated Derby Museum

It's not often that an over-century old venue has something new to show off, but that's why the newly renovated Kentucky Derby Museum will be the highlight of the Fillies & Lilies Party and Derby weekend as a whole. 

After a $6.5 million renovation and 11,000 square foot expansion in 2018, the Derby Museum is more impressive than ever and is ready to be showed off. With the Fillies & Lilies Party taking place within the Museum, attendees have the liberty, and luxury, of exploring the newly-renovated space and being some of the first to see it in all of its glory. 

The expanded space gives you more room to enjoy the delights of the gourmet food stations and the multiple premium open bars that litter the party area. 

Kentucky Derby Museum

Derby Museum

Tobasco Cat

You Can Buy It À La Carte

Here's the biggest secret of Derby weekend — you don't need a Kentucky Derby ticket to attend.

You can purchase a ticket to the 2020 Fillies & Lilies Party completely à la carte, so if you've been gifted tickets or are unable to attend the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, you can still join us on Friday night. 

While it's not super common for someone to attend the Fillies & Lilies and not be at the 2020 Kentucky Derby, we are prepared for any situation and want to welcome anybody who wants to enjoy the biggest part of the weekend. 

Attend the Kick-Off Party to the 2020 Kentucky Derby!

Now that you know why the Fillies & Lilies Party is one of the biggest events of the weekend, it's time to act. Check out our full offering and secure your tickets today!

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