Why should you go to the Kentucky Derby with Derby Experiences?

Posted by Evan Chronis on Thu, Nov 8, 2018

There's a reason we have experiences in our name — it's because the Kentucky Derby® is about more than just a two-minute sprint between three-year old horses. It's about the mystique of the event as a whole, the aura of Churchill Downs® as a venue and the worldwide scope that the Derby brings to Louisville every year.

That's why we offer more than just a ticket to the Derby every year. With Official Ticket Packages, we are able to give the annual 'Run for the Roses' a life that extends past just a typical sporting competition. 

So when you're deciding how you want to experience the 2019 Kentucky Derby, consider these factors and benefits that come with an Official Ticket Package and create a unique experience at Churchill Downs.

Budget Flexibility

When deciding whether or not you want to attend the Kentucky Derby, budget is the first thing to think about. First off — can I afford to go to the Derby? Secondly — what type of tickets can I get within my budget?

Thankfully, Derby Experiences takes all of that into account. When looking at our available offerings, we have all of our packages separated by price ranges from $1,499 & Under to $3,500 & above. When clicking on a package, our interactive map shows you where your seats would be located.

We highlighted ways that you can attend the Kentucky Derby on a budget here. Also, here is a post highlighting some package options by price range.

Hospitality Options

So this is where we go past just a general public admission ticket. Derby Experiences offers over 30 different ticket package options for you to choose from, many with hospitality access during your time at Churchill Downs. 

All of our hospitality venues are in-track, ensuring ease of access between your seating location and the hospitality area. Each of our venues are found at different parts of Churchill Downs and come with differing inclusions, so make sure to check out which one fits what you are looking for.

But if you're simply asking 'Why hospitality' over a general admission ticket... it comes down to maximizing your time at the Derby. You want to maximize the time you are spending at Churchill Downs, and there's not really anywhere to go with just a general admission ticket. If you're at the track for the entire two days, you don't want to be just confined to your seat. 

With hospitality, you can select exactly where you want to spend the day and be treated to buffet style food and drinks and have access to private wagering stations. 

Tours & Parties

Our tour and party offerings give you the ultimate behind-the-scenes access to Louisville and Churchill Downs during Derby week. We have three party options for the 2019 Derby: Taste of Derby, Fillies & Lilies, and the Winner's Party.

Taste of Derby and Winner's Party are included in some Official Ticket Packages, while Fillies & Lilies can be purchased à-la-carte online!

This year's Fillies & Lilies Party will be headlined by a live performance from country music superstar Martina McBride! The event is hosted in the newly renovated Kentucky Derby Museum and will be the ultimate kick-off party for Derby weekend!

We also offer four tour options around Louisville: Backstretch Tour at Dawn, Private Horse Farm Tours, Bourbon Distillery Tours and The Best of Kentucky Tour.

Ticket Security

Through Derby Experiences, your tickets come directly from Churchill Downs, ensuring peace of mind when ordering and securing your packages. As an Official Partner of Churchill Downs, we can guarantee authentic tickets every time and no fluctuation of price since we are not subject to inflation on the secondary market. 

We can also guarantee that your tickets will arrive to you 10 to 14 days before the 2019 Kentucky Derby.

How to Buy 2019 Kentucky Derby Tickets

If you're ready to secure your access to the 2019 Kentucky Derby with Derby Experiences, here's what you need to do:

  1. Follow this link to our official packages page
  2. Select your package from our price range options
  3. Once you have picked a package with the inclusions you would like, choose the number of packages you would like.
  4. You can select hotel accommodations for your stay, but this is not required.
  5. Add your order to your cart and choose whether to pay in full or to split your payment.
  6. Proceed to checkout, enter your payment information and confirm your order!
  7. See you at Churchill Downs!