The Best Way to Purchase Kentucky Derby Tickets

Posted by Evan Chronis on December 06, 2018

There are several ways to purchase Kentucky Derby® tickets, making a simple task actually quite daunting. 

When looking to purchase tickets for Churchill Downs® in May, you're stuck with a dilemma: with so many options, what is the best, most simple and secure way to get tickets to 'The Run for the Roses'?

Luckily, Derby Experiences offers you the best, most efficient, cost-effective and safest way to purchase tickets to the Kentucky Derby. But if you want more than just our word, take a look at what going to Churchill Downs with Derby Experiences looks like...

Here's why Derby Experiences is the Best Way to Buy Tickets for the 2020 Kentucky Derby. 

Entire Track Access

Derby Experiences is the only provider that can offer you access to many of the seating options at Churchill Downs. With over 30-plus different package options for the Kentucky Derby, we cover seating from right in front of the starting line to all the way past the first turn. 

Through a majority of third-party re-sellers, you'll just have the option to purchase from a limited selection of seats. But don't fret, because an Official Ticket Package from Derby Experiences can put you in the exact spot that you want to be in on Derby day. 

Whether you want to be in the Clubhouse, Grandstand or the elevated-view Premium seats, we've got you covered. 

Churchill Downs

The Only Hospitality Option

As the Official Partner of Churchill Downs, Derby Experiences is the only place that you can get hospitality packages for the 2020 Kentucky Derby.  

But why choose hospitality over a general admission ticket? 

Our hospitality venues offer you a space to enjoy the weekend of racing while also having access to a private area that provides amenities such as food, drinks and comfortable seating areas. 

We have several hospitality options. Each have their own benefits, including bar packages, gourmet food options, betting opportunities, celebrity jockey meet and greet, and more! 

Some of our packages also give you access to the biggest parties of Derby weekend. We have specific packages that include tickets to the Taste of Derby, Fillies & Lilies and Winner's Party included in our offering. 

Early Ticket Access

Typically, Kentucky Derby tickets go on sale to the general public in late Fall, or six months before the next year's event. 

But this true for Derby Experiences.

We start selling Official Ticket Packages to the next year's Derby even before the current year's takes place. For example, we launched our 2020 Official Ticket Packages two days before the running of the 2019 Kentucky Derby!

So instead of waiting for the holiday season every year to wait for the public on sale, you can secure your access to Churchill Downs at really any point of the year. And, obviously, the sooner you buy, the more seating and hospitality options that will be available to you. 

No Price Fluctuation

Part of the promise of Derby Experiences is that you will not see our prices fluctuate like they do on the open market. 

Stable pricing is a rarity in today's market and sales cycle, but it's one of the pillars that we hang our hat on. 

Let's look at another example of what we're talking about. When Derby tickets go on sale in Fall, they stay at a steady price until the new year hits. But once the calendar flips into the next year, the price increases incrementally until the day of the races. 

This stress is avoided when buying through Derby Experiences. Since we are the Official Partner of Churchill Downs, the prices you see are the prices you get, regardless of when you choose to buy. 

Kentucky Derby Racing

Get Your  Kentucky Derby Package

Now that you know that an Official Ticket Package from Derby Experiences is the best way to buy tickets for the Kentucky Derby, it's time to act. Check out our Official Ticket Package offerings to find the Derby experience that is perfect for you. 

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