Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Posted by Kristen Doolan on Wed, Jan 4, 2017

Anything involving a decision where time, money and effort are brought into play often makes that decision a little bit harder. For us and for many of you, we heavily rely on making decisions that are experiential ones. We want something that will make us happy, be a great use of our time and will ultimately be a memory to last a lifetime. Therefore, we think that attending the 2017 Kentucky Derby® could be a great fit!

Here are just some of the boasting reviews from our past year’s clients, who like you could, enjoyed a weekend full of entertainment and excitement in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Communication was great, locations of lounges to seating area was great, itineraries were clear, parties were very fun.  Overall I would do it again! –J.H.
  • This was a surprise Mother's Day gift to my 74 yr old Mother and it couldn't have been more perfect!! Our experience was truly unforgettable and the hospitality was top notch! We will treasure this trip and all of the wonderful memories forever!  Thank you Derby Experiences for putting together great packages!  My mom and I were saying that this truly is a once in a lifetime experience, but we would absolutely LOVE to attend next year! –S.M.
  • Our experience was a wonderful one we will cherish for many years to come. The customer service was excellent, everyone over helped us. The Smarty Jones room was a wonderful benefit. This is the only way to do Kentucky Derby and will highly recommended Derby Experiences to our friends. –J.A.
  • We were made to feel like we were part of Millionaire Row.  Everyone was so friendly - the trip director, the staff at Sunny's Halo...heck even our bus drivers was great!  Minus a few hiccups on Friday, our overall experience was amazing.  We can't wait to go back!  We would definitely purchase a package from you again.  –Z.W.
  • There was nothing about this trip we didn't love. It was interesting, exciting, and nice to meet friendly people. This is a trip that was not the same each day and kept you guessing as to what was next. We even went on Thursday with the locals and that was fun! We recommend this trip for everyone because it was so unique yet fun (even for people like me who have no idea how to bet a horse!). –S.D.
  • This was absolutely wonderful! Being able to escape the crowds, the sun and the rain as needed was amazing. Access to this was the highlight of the whole package for me. –J.A.
  • I wish there was an option above, "loved it!" This entire package exceeded our expectations. We were never bored during the days at the races. I am very happy we used Quint Events because they planned such an excellent trip for us where we didn't have to worry or question anything! –S.D.



Should You Attend the 2017 Kentucky Derby®?

Along with the people above, we tend to agree that you should secure your spot for an experience of a lifetime at the 2017 Kentucky Derby®. Derby Experiences makes sure no matter what your seat selection, hospitality venue, party attendance, hotel stay or travel accommodations you have the best experience possible. With many different options from Premium to Clubhouse to Grandstand, we have a spot for you. Looking for more information? Check out our other blogs, sift through different package options or give us a call to help you towards the right direction!

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