Road to the 2019 Kentucky Derby: Well Defined Dominates in Sam F. Davis Stakes

Posted by Evan Chronis on Mon, Feb 11, 2019

As we get close to the end of Kentucky Derby® Prep Race season, horses are making their final charge for points before before the big money hits during the Kentucky Derby Championship Series. 

Road to the 2019 Kentucky Derby

With that knowledge, Well Defined and trainer Kathleen O'Connell showed no mercy in the $250,000 Sam F. Davis Stakes on February 9. 

While the Road to the 2019 Kentucky Derby so far has provided tales of triumph and drama, the outcome at Tampa Bay Downs was more or less a beatdown. Shooting out of the gates from the outside, Well Defined was able to get in front of the other eight competitors by the time the pack reached the clubhouse turn.

As the group rounded the rest of the track, the consistent pace and strides of Well Defined kept him well in front of any other contenders, cruising to victory easily before a finish line was even crossed. Well Defined won the race by well over three lengths.

With the triumphant result, Well Defined is back on the map for Derby contention after an underwhelming 12th place performance in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile back in November.  

The victory earned the Florida-bred horse 10 points on the Road to the 2019 Kentucky Derby, the three-year-old's first time putting up points on the leaderboard. 

Kentucky Wildcat, So Alive and Counter Offer finished second, third and fourth, respectively — each also earning points on the Road to the Derby.

Check out the latest Road to Derby recap.

Kentucky Derby American Road Standings

1 Game Winner 30  
2 Knicks Go 18  
3 Signalman 18  
4 Gunmetal Gray 18  
5 Long Range Toddy 14  
6 Mucho Gusto 14  
7 Maximus Mischief 12  
8 Tax 12
9 Mind Control 10
10 Improbable 10
11 Harvey Wallbanger 10
12 War of Will 10
13 Well Defined 10
14 Gray Attempt 10
15 Our Briantrust 6
16 Code of Honor 4
17 Network Effect 4
18 Bankit 4
19 Everfast 4
20 Tight Ten 4

Kentucky Derby European Road Standings

1 Royal Marine (IRE) 10
2 Magna Grecia (IRE) 10
3 Mohawk (IRE) 10
4 Japan (GB) 10
5 Phoenix of Spain (IRE) 4
6 Broome (IRE) 4
7 Sydney Opera House (GB)  4
8 Mount Everest (IRE) 4
9 Anador (FR) 2
10 Western Australia (IRE) 2
11 Cape of Good Hope (IRE) 2
12 Power of Now (IRE) 2
13 Boitron (FR) 1
14 Victory Command (IRE) 1
15 Circus Maximus (IRE) 1
16 Sovereign (IRE) 1

Kentucky Derby Japan Road Standings

1 Nova Lenda (JPN) 20
2 Make Happy 12
3 Derma Louvre (JPN) 8
4 Gal Vihara (JPN) 4
5 Kingen (JPN) 4
6 Johann (JPN) 2
7 Romantico (JPN) 1

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