Clubhouse Official Ticket Packages for the Kentucky Derby®

Posted by Jazzy Morgan on Mon, Sep 11, 2017

Derby Experiences offers a large variety of Official Ticket Packages with seats located in the Grandstand and Clubhouse, and throughout Churchill Downs®. Today we are highlighting our Clubhouse packages - Black, Mint, Silver, Purple, Brown, Courtyard, Pink, Yellow and Gold. By choosing Clubhouse seating you can catch all of the action stretching from when the racehorses take their first leaps out of the stalls to witnessing their photo-finish. It offers three levels of seating, with options to sit covered and uncovered, granting unobstructed views of the entire race. 

Clubhouse Pink

Official Ticket Holders are seated on the first floor in open-air seating with incredible views of the first turn and are also positioned perfectly to see the photo-finish. Located in sections 114 and 115, those sitting in rows J and up will find themselves under cover.

Explore Clubhouse Pink

Clubhouse Brown

Clubhouse Brown Ticket Holders are seated on the first floor of the clubhouse in open-air seating with unrivaled views of the finish line and access to exclusive hospitality venues. Seats for Clubhouse Brown guests are in sections 117 and 120, either side of the Courtyard and select seats have unobstructed views of the Winners Circle. 

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Clubhouse Courtyard

Clubhouse Courtyard seats are located on either side of the Paddock Runway in sections 118 and 119. In these particular sections, you cannot get any closer to the racetrack unless you’re sitting on a horse. Clubhouse Courtyard guests have the privilege of their own private hospitality venue located in the clubhouse section, with perfect convenience to quench your thirst and appetite throughout the race day.

Clubhouse Courtyard Premium Package

Clubhouse Mint

Clubhouse Mint ticket holders will be seated on the third floor of the clubhouse in sections 320 and 321. These sections are located right in the middle between the start and finish lines, giving guests a perfect view of all the action.

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Clubhouse Silver

Clubhouse Silver ticket holders will be seated on the third floor of the clubhouse in sections 314 and 315. The best part about sitting on the third floor is it allows for guests to have an overhead view of the racetrack.

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Clubhouse Purple

Clubhouse Purple ticket holders will be seated on the third floor of the clubhouse in sections 312 and 313. These two sections are the last on the third floor, right at the perfect vantage point to see the photo finish.

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Clubhouse Gold

With the Clubhouse Gold Official Ticket Package you will have access to seating in either section 316, 317 or 319, with the option to upgrade to seating under cover.

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Clubhouse Peach

Clubhouse Peach ticket holders will be seated on the second floor of the clubhouse in section 220. This section is located directly at the middle point between the starting and finish line and those seated in rows C and up will be under cover and those in rows A and B will be in open air seating.

Explore Clubhouse Peach


All Clubhouse Official Ticket Packages will include an onsite trip director and VIP fast access passes, which allow for a faster more secure access into Churchill Downs® at gates 1, 10 and 17. 

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