3 Things that Make the Kentucky Derby Different than Any Other Race

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Tue, Aug 26, 2014

From the spectators it draws in, to the qualifying procedures, to the attire worn, the Kentucky Derby stands apart from any other horse race. These different elements are what make the experience so surreal and memorable. Attending the
Kentucky Derby rests on many people's bucket lists for these reasons, and it’s no surprise that Churchill Downs reaches its maximum capacity each year it hosts the race.

But what are the things that make the Derby stand apart? What qualities are unique to the Derby? Well, brace yourself, folks; we’re about to talk Derby to you!

Check out these three things that make the Kentucky Derby different than any other horse race on the calendar!

1. The Quality of the Competition

Sure, there are some races that offer tough competition, but are any of them the first leg of the Triple Crown Series? NOPE! If a horse doesn’t qualify to enter to the Kentucky Derby in its three-year-old year, there is no other possibility for it to become a Triple Crown champion. And taking that statement to the next level, if a horse doesn’t win the Kentucky Derby, it no longer has a shot at this prestigious award either.

This means the level of competition in the Road to the Derby Grade Stakes races horses must enter to qualify, and then the eventual horses that comprise the field of the Kentucky Derby, is incredibly tough. And for the spectator, this means watching the Kentucky Derby LIVE is out of this world unbelievable!

2. It's a Celebration!

Fillies and Lilies Derby Experiences

If you’ve ever attended the Kentucky Derby, you hands down know what we’re talking about. The Kentucky Derby is so much more than just a horse race. It’s also the parties!

And if we’re being honest, official Kentucky Derby parties are off the charts outrageous! A few of the big name events that are on the hot item list are Derby Experiences’ Fillies & Lilies Party featuring live music, celebrity appearances and more, the Taste of Derby™ Party featuring delectable dishes created by masterful chefs fromt across the country, and the Winner’s Party where you could celebrate the new champion with the winning trainer, owner, jockey, and celebs!

3. The Attire

Dressing up to attend the Kentucky Derby is half the fun of the event! Each year on the first weekend in May, the gents show up clad in freshly pressed suits, brightly colored shirts and wildly printed ties! The ladies appear in the biggest hat they can find and a bright color or patterned dress that makes them stand out. And let’s not forget the Mint Julep in everyone’s hand completing their outfit!

Even though hats are something you’ll see at most horse races and it’s recommended to dress up to attend any horse race, the Kentucky Derby has its own element of fashion that makes it stand apart.

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