You got Class? Attend the Kentucky Derby in the Clubhouse!

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Thu, May 29, 2014

Everyone knows the Kentucky Derby draws in a crowd of high-class, beautifully dressed horse racing fans. From the jackets and bow ties to the dresses and heels, the Derby holds an iconic look and these styles are exactly what you'll be seeing in person on race day. What you might not know, however, is that this "dress code" is only required in particular sections of Churchill Downs, one of which is the Clubhouse.

You see, the Clubhouse is home to the VIPs. While the Grandstand is home to classy race goers in similar dress, the Clubhouse is home to the elites, where dress code is required and your name is known. 

If you're not catching our drift, let us break it down for you: if you consider yourself to be one of the high-status elites entering Churchill Downs on Derby day, you're going to want to make sure you place yourself with Clubhouse seats and exclusive hospitality access within!

And luckily for you, Derby Experiences Official Ticket Packages can help you do just that! Because of our Official Partnership with Churchill Downs, your tickets will come direct from the source with 100 percent security, you'll receive exclusive hospitality access and a plethora of coveted amenities such as open or cash bars, complimentary food buffets, celebrity meet-and-greets, party invites, and much more! 


All that spark your interest? Then take a look at the view, inclusions and hospitality venues paired with Clubhouse packages below! 

The View from the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse offers a wide array of seating options within Churchill Downs. It begins in the center-most part of the track and stretches all the way along the first turn. Seating stretches from right at the rail on the ground level, all the way up to the third floor. Because of the amount of seating availability, there are a variety of vantage points paired with different ticket packages.

Derby Experiences

For example, you could select seats right along the rail so close to the track you can hear the horses breathing, the pounding of their hooves and the hollering of the jockeys as they move their horses along the first bend and then back around to pass the finish line. 

And if you're looking for more of a bird's eye view of the straight and first turn, you can select 200 or 300 seating options. Here you'll find yourself with prime views of the straight and first turn, the largest HD video board in the world will literally be right in front of you, and you will be in an excellent position to see the photo finish!

Clubhouse Pink: Sections 114 & 115

No matter which Official Clubhouse Ticket Package you select, you're guaranteed to have the time of your life at the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby this year! There truly is nothing comparable to watching the Kentucky Derby LIVE from inside the Clubhouse!

The Hospitality

Because of the vast area of track that the Clubhouse covers, there are two different hospitality venues paired with Clubhouse seats, decided largely due to location. Take a look at the exclusive hospitality options:

Citation Lounge


Commonly paired with Yellow, Pink, Brown and Purple Clubhouse ticket packages, Citation Lounge is a classic hospitality venue located right behind Section 110, and designed by Derby Experiences. This venue is climate-controlled so regardless of the weather outside, you and your group will be comfortable and have an easy escape from the Kentucky elements.

Once inside Citation Lounge, you'll find complimentary gourmet fare, a cash-basis bar, self-service wagering stations and simulcast TV coverage so even though you're not facing the track, you won't miss a beat of what's taking place.

Additionally, celebrity jockeys will be making appearances throughout Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby days. In 2018, legendary jockey Pat Day visited Citation Lounge to visit with guests.

Along with access to Citation Lounge, you'll also receive VIP Fast Access Passes for a quicker, more secure entrance to the track through Gate 10, and you can opt in for luxurious accommodations in Louisville and transportation on race days to be included in your package.

How's that for VIP treatment?

Aristides Lounge

The Aristides Lounge is a premium hospitality venue located on the second floor of the Clubhouse and behind Sections 316 and 317 at Churchill Downs. The Aristides Lounge includes live in-hospitality entertainment, celebrity jockey meet and greets, a premium open bar, gourmet food buffers, self-service wagering stations and closed circuit TV coverage. 

Whirlaway Lounge

This deluxe, climate-controlled hospitality venue is located behind the Paddock at Churchill Downs. Whirlaway Lounge hospitality comes with celebrity jockey meet and greets, complimentary wine and beer, a one-time lunch buffet, self-service wagering stations and closed-circuit TV coverage.

I want to be in the Clubhouse!

All of us here at Derby Experiences fully support this decision! Get more information today on 2019 Kentucky Derby Clubhouse ticket packages! Call 1-888-384-7088 to speak with a representative or visit Derby Experiences website for more information.

We can't wait for you to join us at Churchill Downs!

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