DIY Kentucky Derby® Hat: 20 Minutes, $20

Posted by Kristen Doolan on Mon, Mar 20, 2017

We put ourselves up to the task of creating a Kentucky Derby® hat for our upcoming trip to Louisville. Now, when we think of the Kentucky Derby® and the hats that are displayed during the first weekend in May, one word comes to mind: extravagant. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure we stuck to the flair of the Derby weekend and our number one motto became, “the bigger, the better!”

Here is what you need to get started:

  • Table space with an outlet nearby
  • A Hat! Flat brimmed or a floppier style are both great.
  • Supplies:
    • Wired Ribbon
    • Feathers
    • Flowers
    • Textured Material – Netting, Tulle, Crinoline
    • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
    • Scissors

Next, come up with a game plan. We decided to stick to a color theme (pink, gold and green) and our goal was to find a centerpiece for our hat (ended up being a hot pink flower). Then came the true test of what else we needed and how we would position it all on the hat. In true Derby style, we fashioned our centerpiece slightly off-center and to the right on the hat. From there, we let our creativity flow.

Keeping our motto in mind, we grabbed three different colors of wired ribbon, two sets of fake flowers, greenery, burlap netting, two different types of feathers and our glue gun and went to work. You wouldn’t believe what we came up with in 20 minutes and just $20 spent on supplies! See below!


Pro Tips:

  • Pick a focal point and stick with it
  • Make sure your design is positioned slightly off-centered from the hat
  • Don’t be scared to be creative and use craft supplies like popsicle sticks or floral foam
  • Pick some great working music – helps set the creative mood
  • Lastly, have fun!

Show us your style for the 2017 Kentucky Derby®!

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